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Shopify Website + SEO + Ads Bundle

//Shopify Website + SEO + Ads Bundle

Shopify Website + SEO + Ads Bundle

$3,990.00 $1,890.00

More than a dropshipping website. A fully automated business solution.

Forget about expensive stock and worries. Forget about the need to manage shippings. Forget even the need to update your catalog or forward the orders to the supplier, as in any other regular dropshipping business. We can build for you s a fully automated dropshipping business: that means that the inventory is updated and orders are managed by the supplier AUTOMATICALLY.
Built on Shopify, you will enjoy its incredible features including the HTTPS secure protocol for safest transaction and better SEO ranking!

– We will use our special scraping tools to find aged and available domain names, or we can use your own if you prefer

– We will build and deliver the website full content (logos, images, etc.). Combination of layout, images and layout makes your website a one of a kind. All the stock images will be regularly licensed.

– Store will be preloaded with thousands of products ready to be sold

– Website will be built with the latest HTML and CSS standards

Complete Automation: inventory is automatically updated everyday and the orders are sent to the supplier automatically. Supplier will take care of your order entirely, delivering the product to your customer in a fast and safe way.

Secure HTTPS protocol for safest transactions and SEO ranking

– Fully responsive and mobile friendly theme, great for SEO

– Built-in payment processing: configuring with your personal data is as simple as 1 2 3..and you’re ready to earn!

– Advanced SEO Analysis that will let you to optimize the site for building a solid organic traffic in the medium/long term

– Facebook profile picture and banner image designed by our studio

– Administration panel

– All the necessary information about the actual supplier and know how needed

– Support and guides to take the most from your new web shop

Site delivery in just 7-10 business days!


Here is the detail of the SEO campaign that we will include in the price: it will take in four different steps.
Keyword research: with our special SEO tools we will look for and choose about 5 long tailor keywords considering their overall score (that will keep into consideration search volume, keyword competition, CPC, return rate etc.) and create highly optimized pages with additional text we will write for the purpose
We will create two new pages on the websites filling them in with original content SEO oriented to help the indexing and ranking process.
We will write additional articles for the backlink campaign. Please keep in mind these won’t be regular SEO articles, as these would be removed right away.
We write about me/bio type articles, and we intelligently move to your niche and mention your website, in that way it looks legit and we still manage to talk about your niche and your website.
We will manually create about 100 backlinks on different websites pointing to the optimized pages we created, using the keyword we analyzed and chose for you.
You will receive a full report in every step.
They are links that are directed towards your website. Also knows as Inbound links (IBL’s). The number of backlinks is an indication of the popularity or importance of that website. Backlinks are important for SEO because some search engines, especially Google, will give more credit to websites that have a good number of quality backlinks, and consider those websites more relevant than others in their results pages for a search query.

The first SEO campaign we make generally is enough to rank long tailor keywords we chose during the SEO campaign setup, considering their overall search volume, keyword competition, CPC, return rate etc. Please consider that SEO will take at least 60 days to see some changes.
Anyway, no one can foresee how the Google algorithm will work and that’s also true considering that it updates and improves constantly. That’s why we will ask you to contact us in case of any further need: our after sale support will continue forever.

We’ll create a Facebook page, start and ad campaign and drive the first 1,000 real followers to grow your audience. Campaign includes a detailed A/B performance test, Pixel installation, Audience analysis. Budget of the campaign is included

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Product Description

How much would you pay to own a shop with thousands of the most trending items ready to be shipped?

Imagine how you would feel having an extra income that could allow you to make all the shopping you’ve always wanted, giving you the economic stability for you and your family.

Imagine your surprise coming back home and seeing that, while you were out, your online shop earned for you more than a working day in the office.

If you are looking for an online business, already fully functional, in one of the most profitable niches of the web,  allowing you to work from home for a few hours a week without having to give up your job or your passions, then this is the right site for you.

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Airguns & Softguns (approx. 1,500 items), Audio & Electronics (approx. 5,000 items), Magical & Occult (approx. 5,000 items), Healthy Food & Vitamins (approx. 20,000 items), Bedroom Furniture (approx. 1,000 items), Clothing & Fashion (approx. 20,000 items), Photo and Graphics (approx. 40,000 items), Jewelry (approx. 15,000 items), Medical Equipment (approx. 5,000 items), Marine Equipment (approx. 15,000 items), Computers & Gaming (approx. 15,000 items), Car Models (approx. 5,000 items), Wholesale Merchandise (approx. 30,000 items), Sex Toys (approx. 10,000 items), Security & Surveillance (approx. 5,000 items), Lingerie (approx. 1,500 items), Perfumes & Beauty (approx. 20,000 items), Hunting Supplies (approx. 15,000 items), Survival & Self-Defense (approx. 1,000 items), Sporting Goods (approx. 25,000 items), Cutlery & Outdoor (approx. 10,000 items), Brand Name Toys (approx. 1,500 items), Pet Supplies (approx. 15,000 items), Costumes & Props (approx. 15,000 items), Season & Holiday Decor (approx. 10,000 items), Home Decor and Furniture (approx. 20,000 items), Camping & Outdoor (approx. 8,000 items), Electronics (approx. 10,000 items), Tools (approx. 25,000 items), Knives & Swords (approx. 1,000 items), Other (Contact Us before!)


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